Sunday, November 11, 2007

Done Been Did

My dear NYT:
Skateboarding Rolls Out of the Suburbs
Haven't we covered this territory? Gray Lady, I scoop you again. When will you ever learn?

(And what did I say? "Is the New York Times about to kill it with a large glossy article...?" Hmm? Hmm?)


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    How d'you do that? Gray Lady trumper.

    I've a funny "been done" story to share...a friend of mine works for a museum, so I guess this would qualify as an art giggle. A co-worker came over to her, and started showing her these very beautiful leaf prints. "Huh." said my friend. "Are we going to do a leaf print exhibition or something?" To which the co-worker replied, "Oh, no. Leaf prints? It's been done."

    And then the co-worker pointed out the actual name of the artist, which you can find out about here.

    (A new reason for "been done" to be on your tics lexicon?)

  2. Be careful, my lexicon of tics runneth over.

    (And I bet it will be years before the NYT catches up to my bleeding edge coverage of "bumpkin boarding".)

  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    You’re probably right about that one, Slimbo...especially since the accompanying bumpkin apparel doesn’t necessarily scream cool. I’m not sure how many teens would be ready to give up “the sag” to sport Evil Knievel/Hee Haw inspired plum smugglers.

    (Gals: look at what one “hipmama” has to share with us about “plum smugglers” on Google. I’d have provided the link, but I‘m trying to stay within, PG-13 parameters. I, too, love the raunch.)