Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pride in Yer Ride (or A Car of One's Own)

I've discovered I really like to clean my car.* I've usually driven practical little jellybeans or impractical jalopies, and they just didn't seem worth vigorous attention. But now I have a bright, shiny future-mobile, and all that's changed. I find myself giving it the full work-over with surprising regularity: vacuum, wash, wax, wipe it down, hand dry, shine the rims...

Plus the T.C.L Car Wash on a Friday afternoon is such a deeply entertaining place to be—angle parked beneath the "NO LOUD BASS" signs, a whole long row of (almost exclusively) men obsessively tweaking out that perfect glint** for the weekend—mute male bonding at its finest.

* I'm secretly a neat person, but I share all other corners of my life with not-quite-so-neat people ranging from my lovely-but-slightly-slovenly wife (just a teeny bit, hon!) to my vibrantly entropic children. This is the one place that's fully my own. "No crumbs!"

** Though I confess, I'm not that good at it yet (as my streaks and water-spots will testify). But I studiously watch my neighbors, and I'm learning.


  1. I gave Sam all sorts of car-cleaning stuff for Father's Day. He was stoked!

  2. Have you clayed your car yet? It's the best :)

    If your technique needs polishing the tutorials over at the Autopia Car Care site are good places to start. And if at some point you think you're becoming too obsessed with car care just browse through the forums - it's an OCD showcase! In all fairness, many are professional detailers and there's tons of good advice.

  3. Billy and I love that care wash! Though we should go more often, I say!