Monday, November 19, 2007

The Sling Is Slung

"[S]ix to eight weeks" turned out to be two.* As of this morning's doctor visit, June's sling is slung, and she once again has the full use of her four rambunctious little limbs. Though the doctor said she shouldn't play tackle football for a couple of weeks.**

Fortunately it wasn't before we got this absolutely hilarious mall-Santa photo (the sling really makes it):

June, Santa, and Louise. Photograph by the nameless daughter of the vaguely carnie-ish family who ran the mall-Santa photo operation (and who also, incidentally, displayed an impressive/disconcerting array of pro-Harry Lee memorabilia next to the cash register).

Now we're all just wondering, will she resume sucking her thumb? (My money's on "most definitely!")

* That's a big margin of error, don't you think? (Not that I'm complaining.) Maybe they should work for the Army Corps.

** Which puts a damper on our Thanksgiving plans: me and the gals watching a few college games, knocking back some brews, tossing around the pigskin at half-time...

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  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    The girls look adorable. A family Classic!