Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sunday Sundown Bruiser Family Jubilee

Bruisers, Circle Bar, November 11

The world needs more multi-generational drinking opportunities.* My fellow Bruisers and I are aiming to fix that.

Come down to the Circle Bar this Sunday for our first ever Sunday Sundown Bruiser Family Jubilee. Bring Grandma. Bring the kids.** We might even get it together to have free hot dogs. (Though don't hold me to that. I never promised you a rose garden.)

Things kick off at five-ish-ish and persist until some indeterminate later time, allowing you to plunk yourself down in bed that evening at a very reasonable hour and wake up Monday morning well-rested and only slightly hungover. Beautiful, yes?

* The booze is optional. Chit-chatting, mingling, and periodically screaming "whoo-hoo!" are required.

** Ours will be there. They'll need someone to play with. We'll whip 'em all up into a juicebox-fueled frenzy, then spin 'em around in a pint-sized honky-tonk mosh pit. Good fun.

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