Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adult Tricycles

You know those adult tricycles, the same as a full-sized bicycle but with three wheels, often with a basket in the back? I dig 'em.*

Be forewarned, I plan to spend my old age doddering around town on one, glacially pedalling down backstreets—obliviously obstructing traffic—on my way to the neighborhood coffee shop where I'll chat the ear off the dour hipster baristas, absent-mindedly peruse the newspaper, and pinch the cheek of any passing baby (slightly freaking-out their nervous young mothers), before glacially pedalling home for my afternoon nap.

* I used to see one for sale and was deeply tempted, but it was too raggedy and too expensive.


  1. I think the tricycle would be fun for grocery runs.
    There was an old guy in Honolulu, who pedaled around on a tricycle. You always knew when he was ahead of you, because traffic would back up. But he was not such a fan of the backstreets - he loved the main thoroughfares.

  2. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Great drawing!

  3. My dream ride:

  4. Only if you wear the hat. And whistle an upbeat ditty, perhaps ragtime-related.

  5. How could it be otherwise?