Sunday, December 09, 2007

Drawings-of-Stuff-Around-the-House-I-Feel-Like-Drawing: One of My Fourty-Four Demitasses*

The series continues:**

There were any number of fine demitasse-subjects to choose from, ranging from baroquely ornate, to bizarrely fantastical, to kitschy, to modern.

This one is an enduring favorite (though I have many favorites). It's teeny and delicate and Japanese*** (long-time readers will know that I'm a fool for old Japanese stuff) and the colors are exceptionally lovely (though you'd have a hard time telling that from the drawing).

* I've never counted them before. I was curious.

** Two posts separated by four months—we're really pushing the "series" envelope here.

*** I have several "Made in Japan" demitasses. Recently, I was given one stamped with "Made in Occupied Japan" (which I love, by the way). Hmm, isn't it enough to be occupied by a foreign army? Is is a nation really obligated to advertise that fact on their chinaware?

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  1. I need to start working on letting myself draw whatever I want. I always feel like it has to turn in to some huge complicated thing.