Friday, January 11, 2008

Booty Baby Buddha

June, as previously noted, is something of a sass-attack (and vaudevillian), with a fondness for prancing around, singing her own little songs, and babbling her own free-associative soliloquies. In the midst of one such performance, I heard her proclaim:
"I'm a booty baby buddha!"
accompanied by a cheeky little hands-on-her-hips sashay. Then she pranced on her chatty little way.

June has little formal education in either Eastern religious traditions or alliterative poetic forms, and yet somehow she spontaneously arrives at "booty baby buddha", a phrase that has probably never been uttered in the history of humanity* and whose religious/mystical implications will undoubtedly take years to fathom.

Kids are weird.

* When arguing for an innate human generative capacity for language, Chomsky pointed out that we all, each day, say phrases that have never been said before. Of course, I can't actually prove that no one else has ever said "booty baby buddha", but I can do the modern-day next-best-thing: I can prove that it has never been posted on the internet. A Google search for the exact phrase returns zilch. (Or it currently returns zilch. That will change as soon as the scurrying Google spiders sniff out this post.)


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    Incredible! I might steal it from her, but not yet. Genius breeds genius.