Friday, January 25, 2008

Coffee Comprehension

The primary reason for having children, in my view, is so after sufficient rearing and training they can bring one hot coffee in bed. (Cold coffee does the trick, but...) Louise, though only six, is rapidly advancing in the subject.

Which is fortunate since Sarah, bless her thirty-five year-old heart, still struggles:*
Sarah: I did like you said—two scoops per mug and two for the pot—but it tastes terrible.

Me: Oh, my poor darling... Louise, what's the formula?

Louise: One for each mug and two for the pot.

Me: Correct. So for three mugs, how many scoops?

Louise: ......[math gears turn]......five?

Me: Correct. Ground how?

Louise: Fine.

Me: Correct. Can you help your mother with that?

Louise: Yes.
A few more years on flavor-blooming and the dangers of steam burns** and hot coffee in bed shall finally be mine!

* In Sarah's defense, I'm the Designated Beverage Maestro of our household. And she is a goodly lass in other regards.

** Our old-fashioned-ish method involves stoves and tea kettles.

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  1. I'm a disaster coffee maker. Really, I could probably clear drains with what I make.

    It's why I so like going out to get my coffee.