Monday, January 14, 2008

RSfMS(wC):* "Does Something About My Bowtie Amuse You?"

The "wC" stands for "with Commentary", but it doesn't say who provides the commentary. I'm stupid right now (thicker than molasses in a snowstorm**), so why don't you fill in? What's this guys deal/story?

* Random Stuff from My Sketchbook (with Commentary)

** I've started a new hobby: making up bogus vernaculars and trying to work them into the mainstream lexicon. Another one I'm pushing: "like sugar icing on a shit-cake". It means whatever you think it means.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Godfrey Daniel! Yes, something about that bowtie is most amusing...and it's not because I'm asking what this guy's deal/story is, but rather what your deal/story is.

    You don't have a case of mogo on the go-go, do you? Because...zounds!...your case of "the stupids" has been bizarrely prodigious (I'm dropping hints hither and yon, but I'll be more precise).

    Do you know who you've drawn?

    1. He was very well known for making up phrases that had probably never before been uttered in the history of humanity.
    2. Vaudevillian ('though I don't know if he was a booty baby buddha).
    3. He also had a fondness for trying to work bogus vernaculars into the mainstream lexicon: "Don't be a luddy duddy. Don't be a mooncalf. Don't be a jabernowl" (...and he worked them in with some success, I'll be holding out hope for 'ya on that shit-cake saying).
    4. (This is where I made the connection, and when I decided you're doing something supernatural) In the movie, "It's a Gift," the character he plays closes his shop and puts a sign on his door that says "Closed on Account of Molasses." Could there be a closer phrase that could act as a stand-in for your "thicker than molasses in a snowstorm" kind of feeling?
    5. And lastly, "WC" also stands for William Claude.

    Yup. W.C. Fields. (You may have given him a little more pulchritude on his puss in the proboscis area, but...drat!)

    So - while you thought you were just merely taradiddling with a case of the stupids, it looks like your subconscious was hard at work on this boondoggle...or maybe you were being channelled by Mr. Dukenfield himself...hmm.

    (Quotes and vocab courtesy of Gretchel Schickelgruber and Loudmouth McNasty.)

  2. "If you're GOing to have the auDAcity to give me a POLka dot TIE, the LEAST you can do is GIVE me some COlor."

  3. Wow, I feel elucimidated. (And, yeah; maybe some red in the bowtie.)