Monday, January 28, 2008

RSfMS(wC):* Heavenly Hairdos

Are their combovers in heaven? Do all angels have full heads of hair? Is your heavenly hairdo your hairdo from when you die or from some other juncture in life? (Or does your hair transcend individuality and become one with all hair? Do such earthly styling considerations cease to exist in the manifold stylistic glory of the afterlife?) What does Thomas Aquinas say?

* Random Stuff from My Sketchbook (with Commentary)


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Let me stick my neck out here, as the resident theist in the commentariat.

    St. Paul says that when our bodies are resurrected, they will be "transfigured". Presumably, that means *at least*: the axe is removed from your head, the rot is cleaned up, and you don't have dandruff anymore. But it is supposed to be *your* body. So: I propose: in heaven you have the nicest hair you can have while still remaining *you*. I don't get the best hair I can imagine, but I get the best Zena's hair can be.

    (There may be a complication if nice hair makes me a worse person: if I am vain about my glorious, glossy hair, my immortal soul suffers; so maybe my hair is as nice as it can be without making me morally worse--which might not be all that nice).

  2. "Help! Is there a theist in the commentariat?"

    Excellent, Miss Z., I knew we could count on you. I'm going to have to seriously ponder that hairstyle-having-negative-moral-consequences bit. Heavy, man, heavy.

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oh, thank you, Saint Paul.
    I am so looking forward to not having dandruff anymore.

  4. Slimbolala, where have you been all my life? I want to steal this cartoon and post for my blog, giving you a link and full credit, of course. What do you think?