Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RSfMS(wC):* Music Man

I'm pretty sure this guy plays music:

But what kind? Solo or in a band? (What band name?) Good or bad? What would the review in The New Yorker say?

So many questions.

* Random Stuff from My Sketchbook (with Commentary)


  1. Volcanic eruptions from your pen. It must be Carnival time!

  2. I think he plays piano with comic commentary to accompany, but he's not very good and he has a terrible narcotics habit.

  3. Just look at the ingrained lean... poor fella can't even stand up straight anymore, which leads me to conclude that he is most certainly a double bassist... with a prosthetic leg he replaced with a bow.

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I'm afraid it's obvious that this man is an organ grinder.

  5. It's Charlie Watts, minus his drums.

  6. He looks a tad demented. Plays in a band, Dilapidated Gardenias , with members from all over the planet, i.e. multikulti. Plays keyboards with a drum buddy. Music is a fusion of Balkan-Postpunk-nowave-ambient-electro-cabaret-oldies-altcountry with some blues mixed in.
    The music can be either very annoying or disturbing depending his mood since he leads the band.
    I'll leave it to you do The New Yorker piece.

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hillbilly with the "Country Bumpkins"

  8. this guy plays the violin outside the stop'n'shop.

  9. I love the Dilapidated Gardenias.

    Anyway, when he's not playing waltzes with Andre Rieux, he often goes and plays avant garde oompah pah music at an industrial beer garden. Typical percussion includes garbage cans, kegs, and hoods of stolen BMW's. Frequently, he can be seen dancing the "She's too fat for me" polka with his friend Weasel, an elevator mechanic.