Monday, January 21, 2008

The Slimbotorialist

In this house, we're fans of The Sartorialist, so I'm starting a new series, The Slimbotorialist,* in which I present Sartorialist-esque** photographs and commentary, but featuring our own resident fashion plates (and their self-selected outfits):

I admire the mix of pinks and browns—and stripes and solids. Also how the shade of her sweater matches the shade of the dried hot chocolate on her face.

* That's a big word, Paw Paw.

** That's an even bigger word, Paw Paw.

1 comment:

  1. Funny. I thought of doing the same thing. The other day I saw this kid dressed really cool at the Jack In The Box! (Okay, really... it was hot.. I needed iced tea).

    Love the photo of your kid. Yes, the pinks are great. How long does the muffler stay on? When my kid was 5, a mother walked up to me and said, "Does your daughter dress herself?" I said "Of course, as she will when she's a teen!" The mothers were horrified, of course, all wanting their daughters to look like slutbots instead of kids.
    Today, my kid is gorgeous.