Monday, February 04, 2008

Bands, Bands, Bands,

There are countless glorious facets to the splendiferous spectacle of Mardi Gras, but the best (in my opinion) is the high school bands. Yesterday, I found two utterly engrossing band-centric websites:
  1. The bands forum: discussions, rankings, and trash-talking by various band-loyalists and devotees.
  2. The Marching Network, essentially the YouTube of marching bands featuring parade highlights, half-time clips, practices, etc. (It's not specifically local, but it has plenty of regional gems.)
They're both fascinating, but my favorite bits are the behind-the-scenes video clips of drummers warming up, trumpeters showing their chops, and in particular, this one from the O. Perry Walker band bus showing an impromptu rap of the children's song, "Wheels on the Bus":*

I love it.

* The video, if I'm reading the caption correctly, was filmed by our favorite visitor-blogger, Dan Baum, who wrote extensively about the O. Perry Walker band.

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