Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Truck on Down Where the Mambos Swing

Oh lordie, I'm tired

Mardi Gras crept up on this year. We've been so busy with the house (and weren't the Saints just playing football and wasn't it just Christmas before that?) that we barely knew it was coming. And then it was here. And parades were rolling. And suddenly we were doing all those things—navigating the intricate parade-time traffic-scape, scouting for a good spot, hoisting kids, going to parties, cursing Endymion, hollering with glee at the high-school marching bands, catching loads of crap and hauling it home for the kids to strew about the house, getting very tired and feeling like we could sleep for a century, and so on—all while going about the business of life: work, parade, wield paintbrush and screwdriver, parade, work, work, parade, work, parade, wield paintbrush and screwdriver, parade, birthday party, wield paintbrush and screwdriver, parade, parade, parade, and now, once again, work.

Yesterday started at seven-sumthin'-sumthin' in the morning with breakfast burritos, an annual tradition that I usually prepare for a large group, but due to the haphazard nature of this years festivities it was just us—and the girls didn't even eat theirs, but Sarah and I sure enjoyed them. (Secret ingredient: Mrs. Renfro's Green Salsa—one of the best things in life.) Then we had a few tantrums from Little Miss I'm-Three-Now about what costume she was going to wear. (The adults, alas, didn't manage to costume this year.) And—miraculously—we were out of the house by a little past eight.

Next stop, Zulu (and some Indians) at Jackson and Oretha Castle Haley. (We got three coconuts! In such situations my height by itself is of little use, but my height combined with cute kids is a force to be reckoned with.) Then Rex and friends on St. Charles. Later, peace, quiet, butterbeans, and bathrooms—a lovely respite—at a conveniently located home nearby. After that, the long and thoroughly entertaining trek amid cops, drunks, Christians, and trash back to the car (where we encountered a whole bunch more Indians—a fortuitous finale to our long outing).

Finally, home, an early dinner on the porch chit-chatting with the neighbors, and an early bath and bedtime for the kids. Then, sitting. More sitting. And finally, early-to-bed for the grown-ups as well.

Damn fine, all in all.

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  1. your telling of it was certainly damn fine....glad that everyone had such a big time!!