Monday, March 31, 2008

Caper Capers

I love pickled things—pickles, olives, hot peppers. It's genetic. But June is taking it to the next level. The other day, she sat down with a jar of capers and a demitasse spoon and chowed down a third of its contents. She chased the capers down with a good swig of caper juice.

Even I wouldn't do that.


  1. I've never heard of anyone eating capers like this! It makes me laugh. Apparently when I was a little kid, I'd eat brine shrimp by the handfuls!

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    You are right it is genetic. Her grandfather eats just capers, although I have to admit he usually puts them in a bowl first. I have never seen him "chase them" with a swig of caper juice, however!

  3. Hmm. It never occurred to me to do that.

    I can make light work of garlic-stuffed olives, though. Yum.