Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Read and (Don't) Respond

My lady is a good lady, but she has one serious flaw:
When she's reading, it's very hard to get her attention.
Her nose is buried in a book. "Hey, babe, do you..." The nose remains buried. "Sarah...?" Nothing. "Sar-uhhhh..." Nope. "SAR-ah!" Finally, the face turns upward. The eyes blink vaguely. "Whuh...?"

And now, I'm afflicted with a second one, a string bean little doppelganger, exactly the same in this regard: Louise. She entered first grade as a minimally literate post-Kindergartner, but in the span of months, has transformed into a voracious, insatiable book hound. (Having read every book on her shelf multiple times, she's now churning through the Harry Potter series—currently on book four—at a far steadier clip than I ever read them.*)

So now, all day long, having exhausted attempts at verbal engagement, I find myself gently turning down her book and telling her: "It's time for breakfast." "It's time for dinner." "It's time to get out of the car." "It's time to cross the street..."

Maybe June will be a flighty, distractible reader like me. I need to have somebody on my side.

* It's vaguely alarming. What's in store for second grade? Proust?


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Indeed. I am having flashbacks of Sarah engaging in her guilty pleasure of reading your fellow New Orleanian's writings on vampires and various members of the undead community, ripping through an entire tome in one day, then recounting to us the exciting details. Taking more time in the recitation that in the original reading. World's Fastest reader. I have a recommendation for her, perhaps I'll call to chat with y'all soon. Good to know that you have a little bookworm offspring.

  2. Oh, my. First grade? Harry Potter? You may have a literary genius on your hands.