Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vive les Brusiers! Circle Bar, Thursday, 7-9pm

flyer by Mary T.

The Bruiser Family Music Hour rolls into the Circle Bar this Thursday, starting promptly at 7pm* and ending promptly at 9pm. (Through some complex Circle Bar logic, we've become the first act in a massive four-band pile-up that evening.)

Bring your Dancin' Shoes and your Hollerin' Hats. We're going to have a good time.

* Or so I say. Does anybody volunteer to be Jason's personal Temporal Assistant, helping him synch the ornate loopty-loops of his Inner Time-scape to the relentless (for-all-practical-intents-and-purposes linear) march of External Time? In particular, can you help him understand that no matter how fast he drives (and he doesn't drive very fast), he can not make it across town in negative twenty minutes? (I kid because I love. Actually, he's getting comparatively punctual in his old age. Comparatively.)


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Joe said that your set was off the hook, but he was miffed that he wasn't asked to jam.

  2. Joe is such a diva.

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    yes he is, skeletively speaking