Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Did I Just Say That?"

The other night, as Sarah was drifting off to sleep, she proclaimed:
"I can't believe how many blank pieces of toast I had!"*
She paused. She paused some more:
"Did I just say that?"
Indeed you did, my dear. Nor is this the first such statement to bubble up from the jumbled recesses of your somnambulic brain. (I don't think I ever mentioned the "I don't talk to blueberry muffins very often" episode. Curious that so many of Sarah's nocturnal blatherings involve baked goods.)

* I can believe it. Put a stack of blank-toast in front of Sarah, and it'll be gone before you can say, "Pass the blank-butter, please." (Actually, that's kind of hard to say. Try it.)


  1. Boy, do you get off easy! The other day, Kathleen awakes in a fury: "We were late for the plane, and suddenly in the lobby you remembered that you'd forgotten to pack the special green T-shirt that you had had delivered to us at the hotel, and I had to go back up the room and search all the dressers. I found it all balled up in the back of a drawer."
    As if I have ever balled up a T-shirt!

  2. Okay, you KNOW you've found a superb blog when you have to look up "somnambulic". Thank you! I'm awake now!

  3. Confession: I had to look up "somnambulic" too, just to make sure it was real. (Though I probably would have used it anyway, even if it wasn't. Making up words is one of our favorite hobbies around here.)