Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Schoolin' School Schooled!

You'll have to forgive the recent lengthy silences here. My brain is undergoing a dizzying conceptual supernova as Schoolin' School puts me through the paces. I feel a bit like Spock in whichever Star Trek movie that was, when he somehow becomes a child again and is on that planet and somehow undergoes a hyper-accelerated re-growing back into an adult. (Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Help me out here.)

Every day, I enter the classroom with my head still spinning from the day before. (Think Linda Blair/The Exorcist.) And each day, I leave at the end knowing a world of stuff I didn't know that morning. (Thursday and Friday we underwent "crisis intervention training", learning how to dodge punches, disengage from bites, and the like. Fun, fun! They don't teach that in Computer Geek School.)

But I'm catching up. Plenty more blogging to come.


  1. That crisis intervention stuff is FANTASTIC! I taught violent kids with autism for a while, dodged a few bites and even had to jump on a high schooler's back once and take them down to keep them from doing something awful--- let me tell you, nobody ever better try and mug this little girl now! It gives you some major confidence!

    And, of course, everyone stays safe, which is the main thing. :)

  2. Yeah, and it was fun to learn.

    And really, what was that Star Trek thing? Does anybody know?

  3. I don't know, Pops! Sorry.

  4. star trek III: the search for spock.

    he died in the last movie and they shot him out of the ship in that gleaming black pill-shaped coffin. The planet he landed on was in the throes of the "Genesis" project, which brought dead planets to life, so Spock also gets recreated.

    the wikipedia summary is quite funny, in a sci-fi way.