Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vivent* les Brusiers!

flyer by Mary T.**

And the bi-weekly*** shenanigans come again. Thursday, Circle Bar, 8-10 p.m. Be there, or be un-circular. (Literally. Hah!)

* Appeasing the Franco-purists. (Sorry, Craic-y.)

** What's better than acting like an idiot? Having somebody take a photo of you acting like an idiot and turning it into a flyer. (But revenge will be mine.)

*** Does "bi-weekly" mean every two weeks or twice every week?
(I mean the former.) If it means one, what means the other? So many questions.


  1. "Biweekly" is one of my least favorite words. Another one being "bimonthly." The opportunity for confusion is too great. I vote for a greater use of "fortnightly." Sure, most people would look in confusion at first, but no more than using one of the "bi-" words.

  2. Ooh, "fortnightly"! I like it. Fortnightly shenanigans—good, good!

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I could've sworn this question has come up before. 'Semiweekly' means twice a week, 'biweekly' every two. Webster's, disgustingly, lists both meanings as the possible definitions of biweekly.

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I'm sad that someone else beat me to suggesting "fortnightly".

    Also allows: "Oh, we play every fortnight" and "Tis' a fortnight since last we played"

  5. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Forthnightly is appropriate,Slim, given your birthplace of "down under" where fortnight is in regular usage.

  6. The series is now officially titled "Fortnightly Fun avec les Brusiers".

  7. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Are there any opportunities to sample the Brusiers for those of us too far north of the Crescent City? Could Slim please post some MP3s of the band for the rest of us who are vicariously living through you in NOLA? Come on, give us some 3rd Humphs love......

  8. But of course! All through the mediocre magic of MySpace. Go here and listen up. (Note: the stuff on there is from many moons ago. We may be recording again soon-ish.)

    3rd Humphs 4-ever!