Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Got Class!

I finally found out which classroom is mine.* Would you like to meet it?

As with everything else in the building, the room is nice and old fashioned (the way I like things).

It's on the third floor, and the back wall is lined with giant westward facing windows which let in lovely light (and if they weren't so clouded with age—or some other mysterious clouding-force—you'd be able to look out of them onto grand old Esplanade Avenue).

And I have a desk. A desk! An honest, plain desk. I like it.

Thank for indulging my dork-out. Now I just have to figure out how to organize the thing. And how to decorate it. And how to fix up the raggedy whiteboard. And the raggedy black(er... green)board. And how to teach. And all those other details.

Onward and upward. (I think I'll be saying that a lot for a while.)

* As I said, the school is in the midst of reinventing itself. There's been a great deal of room shuffling, but (with the contribution of a bit of geeky know-how by yours truly) we finally figured out how to migrate the computer lab to its desired location, and all the other pieces fell into place. (What do you call the puzzles with the grid of squares and one square is missing and all the others get strategically slid around until they finally arrive at the correct configuration? It's like that.)


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    You do have class in more ways than one!

  2. I had my first back to school bad dream last night...

  3. Would you care to send the address of your school, in case any of us wants to send a card, or little piece of artwork, for your decorating consideration?

    Best of Luck !

  4. Why shucks, thank you, yes:

    Attn: David Olivier
    McDonogh City Park Academy
    2733 Esplanade Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70119

    Much obliged.

  5. Anonymous6:13 AM

    it looks good. right on.

  6. Your classroom is so nice! I look forward to seeing how good it looks once you get it set up. Congrats on your new job and best of luck!