Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rocket Science

Marco's comment reminds me: Many of my friends possess the vague misbelief that I used to work for NASA. Not quite.

True, a while back I did work at the Stennis Space Center whose primary occupant is NASA—they tested the space shuttle rockets*—but it also housed many other federal-ish entities, and I worked next door at the Naval Research Laboratory, which didn't do anything with rockets but did do all sorts of stuff with robots and computers and littoral dynamics and buoys and whatnot. (At the time, digital mapping was my particular corner of governmental geekery).

But that's kind of hard to explain. And my job was already hard to explain. And I did eat lunch in the NASA cafeteria, which is almost like working for NASA. So sometimes I let it slide.

There you have it: I almost worked for NASA. And "almost" is good enough for government work. (It's just rocket science.)

* Sometimes I would be sitting in my office and would feel a deep subsonic rumble vibrating through the floor. I would go outside and see a massive billowing white rocket plume billowing up beyond the South Mississippi pines and hear a massive roar in the distance. Kinda cool.

p.s. I think that guy is me, in fifteen years, if I hadn't switched careers.

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