Thursday, September 11, 2008

Like a Bee

...busy, that is.

Monday night I had my first (and I'd like to think my last) full blown what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-trying-to-be-a-teacher-that-was-a-terrible-idea melt down. But then Tuesday morning I said, To hell with that, and the rest of the week has been going just about as well as I could expect, all things considered. (And there are many things to consider.)

Bit by bit I'm getting it. And I'm still completely (100%, 1/1, 1.0) loving it.


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I am very proud of you! Hang in there Tiger. You're the greatest and those little kiddies need people like you around. They will never forget Mr. O!


  2. seems to me we all get to
    "what the hell was I thinking... "
    rather normal, if it's a hard thing

    best for all of us to focus on
    "100% loving it "
    that's what we all should aim for
    and how great to feel that

    if you ask me, not that you did

    rock on.

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    All I can say is that I hope you'll keep on keeping on. Loving it counts for a whole lot.

  4. SO know what you mean! Just hang in there and push through the overwhelming washes of freak out until after Christmas. You'll be used to it and the life-upheaval -I mean transition by then!

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Having done the corporate-to-classroom transition six years ago, I have to tell you freak-outs are normal. Teaching is one of the few fields where you're thrown in with minimal experience, no supervision and the expectation that you'll figure it out on your own. It gets easier, I promise.

  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone. The moment passed, and though I'm exhausted (and frequently befuddled), I'm having a ball.

    I'm sure I've still got my remaining allotments of freak-outs to work through, but it's amazing what a generous bourbon and a decent night's sleep will cure.