Friday, November 28, 2008

The gals and I went to the swamp this morning. (Sarah slept in, and deservedly so. For yesterday's culinary bonanza, she'd cooked ten distinct dishes, a number all the more dazzling considering we only had five people at the table, two of whom were children and one of whom had just come from a previous feast.) It was gray, drizzly, and very very quiet. All in all, rather lovely.


  1. The photos you have are always just stunning. What kind of camera do you have? I have a little digital one --have a difficult time keeping it still. I do miss my old 35mm film camera. That thing was a tank and always stayed still.

  2. Thank you. For every-day-all-the-time use, I still have my fits-in-the-pants-pocket Canon Digital Elph, but a while back I got my lovely, luminous Panasonic Lumix. I adore it and have used it for many of my more recently posted photos, including this one.