Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Les Brusiers: Thursday, Circle Bar; Friday, Hi-Ho

So just clear your week's calendar and scrawl a big, sloppy "BRUISERS" across the latter half of it.
Thursday night: Bruiser party at the Circle Bar.

Friday day: Gently nurse your hangover.

Friday night: Do it all over again.

Saturday: Ponder where your life went wrong and how you wound up in this blurry nightlife-ain't-no-good-life-but-it's-my-life predicament. But don't ponder too hard, because you'll be really stupid and probably won't arrive at any particularly useful insights.
All shows (to the best of my knowledge) occur in the theoretical "Show starts at 10pm" timespace. Details beyond that are left to the fates.

See you there. Whooh!

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