Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Heart My Shiny New Toy

Warning: The following post contains extreme geekiness. May cause irrritation and mild eye rolling among non-geeks.

So, I got an iPhone for Christmas (thank you, kind elves),* and it's quite extremely delectable—shiny and black with pleasing rounded lines.** I don't care how très très they are. (In NYC, you couldn't swing an overpriced handbag without hitting at least a dozen well-dressed young professionals iPhone-ing their hyper-achieving little hearts out.) It's a Thing of Wonder—splendiferous, paradigm-shifting wonder—and my inner-geek can do nothing other than bow down in awe-full ("awe-full", not "awful") admiration.

So now I can blog anywhere! In like... a... um... grocery line... or... on a bus... or... at a laundromat... (if I went to laundromats...) or... anywhere! Behold the dawn of Omnipresent Slimbolala!

Aaah, geek out! Le geek, c'est chic. Geek out!

* Replacing my battered freebie-phone acquired after The Storm when the landlines didn't work.

** To match my camera and my accordion and my car and my bicycle and my guitar. Once I find my aesthetic niche, I stay there.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Does the iphone make calls to the elves from whence it came?!!

  2. Lucky! Thank your lucky el--stars! The iPhone seems lovely but I don't know if I can ever say good bye to the wonderful Blackberry Curve. Simple, classic, works. :D