Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids Say the Darnedest Things: Fatbolala

While teaching, I waned from skinny-ish to skinny. In the depressed, lethargic aftermath, I regained my old weight and grew a small skinny-man paunch to boot.* (The Glorious Gluttony Tour didn't help.) Now that I'm back at school, my students—the fifth-grade girls in particular—like to walk up to me, poke me in the gut, and inform me, "You got fat."**

Kids say the darnedest things. Bless their hearts.

* I don't plan to let it stick around. I've (probably quite foolishly) committed myself to running a 10k in April. Hold me, I'm scared... (When do I get to start wearing the groovy running attire—the aerodynamic glasses and special synthetic shirts and whatnot? Do I actually have to run a race first, as an initiation rite, or can I just go ahead and trick myself out in hopes that I somehow become fitter by osmosis?)

** I'd like to see a makeover reality show hosted by a bunch of middle-schoolers. You know they'll tell the truth: "You got fat. Those shoes are raggedy. You need a haircut..."

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  1. My students used to ask me if I was pregnant when I wore certain items of clothing. After explaining to them that it is pretty risky to ask a woman if she is pregnant, I went home and donated the clothes to Salvation Army (two doors down from my Atlantic Avenue apt -remember?).

    'cause rude or no, they are telling the TRUTH.