Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Three, Two, One..."!

We spent New Year's Eve with friends in Maryland. As the moment of midnight approached, I lead the countdown: "Ten, nine, eight..." We lifted our champagne glasses, readying to toast. "Three, two, one...!"


At the exact stroke of midnight, my chair split in two,* and I fell to the floor, sprawling flat on my back. It looked like this:

Photograph by Sarah. (She felt compelled to document my moment of ignominy.)

Uproarious laughter ensued. (Though I was partially laughing to keep from crying. It actually kind of hurt.)

I'm proud to say that I kept my glass upright the entire time, spilling only the slightest sprinkling of champagne. And after regaining our composure, we did finally toast the new year (inaugurated with a new batch of bruises).

But I have to wonder, what sort of omen is that? 2009—the startling, absurd, and comically painful year?

* I will state for the record that the chair was old and unreliable. I was neither toasting too vigorously nor badonking excessively with my badonkadonk.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    This is just to remind you of our human fallibity.

  2. It's a sign that no matter what lies in store for you in 2009 you will land upright and not waste a drop. Love it!

  3. Hey saw your blog mentioned in the moleskinerie blog and thought I would check it out. Anyway:

    And the year started with a BANG! Either this is really lucky or really unlucky...:p Whatever man. All you know is that no matter how you start your year, it really matters how you live it. through! So no worries and Happy "New Starts"! (Am I right here?!)

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    For the New Year I will learn how to spell.