Monday, February 02, 2009

If I Had a Mug*

For whatever reason, I prefer to take a mug of coffee with me in the car, not a travel cup. (A sturdy, brightly colored Fiestaware mug—they're just so pretty and solid. Doesn't life already have enough ticky-tacky?) There are undeniable drawbacks: an abrupt swerve or sudden stop results in a dashboard (or worse, a lap) splattered with coffee. But there are upsides too: I'm pretty sure it makes me a better driver. I gently accelerate, gracefully brake, steer wide of potholes and other disruptions—easy like Sunday morning.

What if everybody drove like they had a mug of coffee? Imagine what smooth and genteel (if highly caffeinated) places the roads would be. One can dream.**

* I'd mug it in the mo-or-ning. I'd mug it in the eeeve-ning... Wait, that doesn't work.

** And in this new Obama dawn, isn't anything possible? Maybe we can get a car/mug provision worked into the stimulus package. (Is anyone else making jokes about Obama's "stimulus package"? It's a hot topic of discussion amongt the ladies I know.)


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Tell me you're not watching 'Weeds'.

    Taking a mug of coffee on a bike ride is a peak experience.

  2. Ooh, I've done that too. (Though no, I'm not watching 'Weeds'. Is there a mug/car-or-bike/'Weeds' connection?)

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    My father, who has long exclaimed, "There is no law against acceleration," while jolting the car out of the starting gate at New York City stop lights, trained me to hold his coffee while he was driving when I was a child. These were the days before travel mugs or cup holders, at least in our family. One negotiated the sudden breaking behind taxis or the burst of gas to get through a sequence of dawning yellow lights on Lexington Avenue by letting your body and arms flop easily with the movement of the car. I spilled some coffee along the way, on myself, on the upholstery, but had there been a junior olympics for urban automobile coffee holding, I would have been a contender.

  4. I'm a mugger. My console is cover in trickle stains and bobs. Should have gotten a darker interior. Like coffee colored.