Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sissy Report

Francince wants details on the Sissy Bounce Sweetheart's Ball, and details she shall get.

The Short Version: Absolutely-A-1-all-in-all.

We knew in advance there would be complications—black sissy rappers performing at a white hipster venue is certain to elicit some goofy crowd shenanigans, but we hoped the show itself would make it all worthwhile, and we were right on both counts:
  1. The show started late, and in the interim, we saw enough Ironic Booty Shaking (IBS) to last us a lifetime.
  2. But it did eventually start. Big Freedia and Sissy Nobby rapped in duo—very energetic, very charismatic. Big Freedia in particular was a powerhouse on the stage, daintily dabbing the sweat from her forehead (it looked hot up there) as she rat-a-tatted through rapid-fire lyrics, then passed it off to Nobby to loop through his dizzying lyrical acrobatics.* Katey Red joined them for a song, looking svelte and elegant, as she rapped about decidedly inelegant activities. (I assume she came back later, but in deference to our—very tolerant—baby-sitter, we finally left at one-whatever.) Thoroughly engaging, thoroughly entertaining, a straight-up hoot. (Or is that a "not-so-straight"-up hoot?)
And then in the wee hours, we walked back through the Quarter, through the light drizzle, to our car, talking and laughing about all we had seen, about all that had passed.

Not a bad way to spend Valentine's evening with your sweetheart.

* I'm a little unsure of my pronouns, here. If I err, forgive me.

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  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    "I got dat gin in my system . . .
    somebody's gonna be my victim."

    The show was written up on a blog which includes links to Youtube videos of Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia performing and Katey Red.

    For once something useful on that god awful website.

    There are even better shots here and here.

    In any event, the show was amazing.