Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God Is My Poorly Coordinated, Unreliable Co-Pilot

I was driving down Louisiana Avenue. In the opposite direction came a battered late-model sedan. The entire front bumper assembly had been knocked off. On the exposed metal frame where the bumper should have been was a bumper sticker: "God Is My Co-Pilot."

Hmm... What are the theological implications?


  1. Your resident theologian reports:
    Why assume that the bad co-pilot is the divine, rather than the human element? Without God as co-pilot, the car might be a pile of scrap metal.

    That said, it reminds me of what Hume says about the argument from design (the world has appears well-ordered and designed; therefore it must have a designer.) Hume points out that even if the argument works, it doesn't say anything about the quality of the designer--the world could have been designed by committee, for instance, or by a senile, half-demented old guy. Which would explain some things.

  2. I love having a resident theologian.