Sunday, March 29, 2009

I ♥ Grid Paper

I always carry around a little pen and notebook in my back pocket, handy for jotting down lists, reminders, and ruminations. My latest little book is gridded. I heart grid/graph paper.* Why? I don't know—countless reasons. One, recently discovered, is that it's excellent for making rectilinear Art Naïf streetscapes like this one:

Mmm... Rectilinear-Art-Naïf-streetscape-licious!

Do you have any comparable stationary/office supply fetishes? (Or am out on an obsessive-compulsive limb with this one?)

* I also heart gridded index cards. I can only find them at the big box office supply store, but it's worth the trip for my extra special 3 x 5 grid-fix.


  1. Have you checked out Field Notes yet? Cool little 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" notebooks in graph, ruled or blank version, $10 for a three-pack. Just bought a set the other day, very nice kit.

  2. Mandy7:54 PM

    there's nothing like a freshly opened pen

  3. I just love stationery stores. There was this one in Pueblo, Colorado where you told a woman at a desk what sort of paper you wanted, and she went back into these long rows of giant shelves and took your specific paper down for you. There was no browsing permitted. I loved that! Is there a word for someone who just loves the SMELL of a stationery store? I ordered obscure stamps there, too. I just couldn't help myself.

  4. mseferris9:53 PM

    I heart sticky notes. Especially the ones that are in fun shapes, or have fun pictures or sayings on them. A couple years ago, when I was moving from the temporary school location to the permanent one, I had a whole big shoebox full of the things! It was heavenly.

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I love the calligraphic pens and pen nobs. But you can get better ones at art supply stores. Try a crow-quill pen sometime. The delicacy and manipulability are amazing.

    In olden days ink pens had real gold nibs. Wonderfully flexible. My fateher had his father's. But you had to fill them with ink regularly. Very inconvenient.

  6. i second the love for grid paper.

  7. I never leave my home, office, car, etc. without a notebook. A smallish moleskine is best, but others will do in a pinch. My little red calendar/notebook is my current's my security blanket.

  8. I have a problem/addiction to notebooks. I can't stop buying moleskines and other little pocket-sized books. Like Lori, I don't leave home without them. This set of 12 by Nava Design is also nice:

    I do wish that those little brown notebooks we used to get at the SJC bookstore were still available. I have one or two blank ones left from college purchases.