Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MRSfMS(wC): "'Alf a' Apple"

I think it's time for MRSfMS(wC)—which is to say, More Random Stuff from My Sketchbook (with Commentary):

I lived in England for a year in 1980. The first wave of punk was going strong, and the strange young people with the weirdly shaved and dyed hair and the safety pins stuck through alarming parts of their faces made a strong impression on my eight-year-old self—an impression that is apparently bubbling up again three-ish decades later in the form of rapidly doodled pencil-punks uttering utterly bogus British vernacular.*

* Can you make that out?
"Es effin' 'alf a' apple 'n shite." "Yeh, aye kno'." "'Ese kids today." (Don't ask me. I just work here.)


  1. Not really sure why, but this reminded me of BBC's "Little Britain" and it made me smile. Thanks for that.

  2. I think I know why: "Yeh, aye kno'" is Andy Pipkin's catchphrase. Apparently "Little Britain" was bubbling up in the mix aswell.

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I give up on that first part. What's he rabbiting about? Is that some kind of Cockney rhyming slang? Or is it just flowers and frolics (rhymes with bollocks...a.k.a. nonsense)?

    And, lor' luv a duck! Why didn't you mention your three and seven, guv?

    Happy Birthday.

    (Don't worry...we're all getting older. Even babies.)

  4. "It's effing* half an apple and shit(e)." I'm not exactly sure why he'd be cussing about half an apple (I prefer to see the apple as half full, not half empty), but as Chomsky rightly pointed out, language is an infinitely varied thing, and a situation certainly could arise in which this is a legitimate (if confusing) utterance.

    And indeed I am, as of Tuesday, three-and-seven. Three and seven are a two of my favorite numbers, the factors of my absolute favoritest, twenty-one, so I'll take that as a fortuitous omen. Three-and-seven... good, good.

    * Which is to say, "frakking".