Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flouncy Timbers

There's a pirate convention in town. Really. Well sort of really. I don't think any are actual pirates. To best of my knowledge, none arrived on gunboats from the coastal waters of Somalia. But there are lots of people in tri-cornered hats, vests, and tights roaming around the French Quarter, riding the streetcar, etc.

No disrespect intended,* but I confess, I don' quite get it. Any aesthetic built around the flouncy shirt ("flouncy"—good word) is fundamentally alien to me.** But if pirate-based tourism is a key building block in the reconstruction of our post-Katrina economy, then count me in. Shiver me flouncy timbers!

* Well, maybe a teeny bit. I went to see Charlie Louvin last night (whoo!), and parking cost double because of all the pirates in town. Arr!

** Jerry Seinfeld may have committed many fashion sins, but I'm with him on this one.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    The pirates better be on the lookout. Hillary Clinton says we have to end this scourge of piracy!