Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Gold Laying in the Streets"

As previously mentioned, in this household, we're ridiculously huge "The Wire" fans . It's the best-est ever-est thing ever. And we're ridiculously excited* that David Simon's next endeavor "Treme" is set here, "about a group of New Orleans musicians picking up the pieces after the flood".** The New York Times has a short article about it. Best quote from the article? David Simon asserting that:
“The way people here talk is like gold laying in the street.”
Yeah, ya'right.

* It's taken all my restraint not to lapse into a stalker-frenzy. On a couple of occasions, I've passed the crew filming street scenes for the pilot, and I deeply wanted to rush past the security detail, bust into the scene, and start hollering, "Is Bunk here? Bunk? Where are you? What about Lester? Where is he? I wanna hug 'em!" (Both Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters have roles in the new series.)

** But I confess, I worry: What if Simon get's sucked into the shuck-'n'-jive myth-muck of New Orleans story telling? And I have reason to worry. Almost (but not quite) every story, book, movie, or TV show ever set here has become hopelessly entangled in Spanish moss, voodoo, and distant saxophones blowing in the jasmine-scented air. But I'll trust that Simon's perceptive eyes and ears will help him navigate these perilous waters. (It would be nice to, once and for all, have a depiction of our city to which locals could point and say, "That's right.")


  1. Marco aka Joe8:07 AM

  2. I get your point about the danger of cliche. What depiction of the city does the best job of rendering a true-to-life New Orleans? Confederacy of Dunces does pretty well, I think.

    It's interesting to ask the same question about other cities, too.

  3. Damn, I haven't seen this one. I'll get my hands on it this weekend, let's see if it's a reflection of the city or not.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Thought of you guys:


  5. Keep stalking: it is not widely known, but true, that I played a key role in a Wire episode (Season 5, episode 7)--I was in a crowd at night. The phone has not stopped ringing since.

  6. something more accurate like rats on the wires? "That's right"