Saturday, April 18, 2009


I saw this* yesterday:

Dang! Now I've got to find a different name for my new start-up venture, (formerly) Insult-Tech:
A provider of quality insult-driven technology solutions. How do you know we're the best? Because we we tell you. We will constantly remind of exactly how extremely smart and knowledgeable we are while simultaneously enumerating all the ways in which you are amazingly ignorant of all things technological. And what on Earth were you thinking when you tried to manually configure your LAN settings, because it so obviously needs to be dynamic—not static—IP, and you should probably just stick to configuring your screen saver, if you can even handle that. Snort! That's the Insult-Tech guarantee!
And I'd already had the custom shirts made. Dang!

* I'm assuming that's an insulation company.

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