Monday, April 27, 2009

Socialists San Cee-gars

The other day, as I left the coffice, I saw a funny thing: two young collegiate socialists (wearing small spectacles and collegiate-socialist sandals) standing over their table of socialist literature, earnestly debating with an archetypal fat capitalist (wearing leisure-golf attire and archetypal-fat-capitalist-on-his-day-off sandals). As the capitalist made his points ("So you're telling me that even with a guaranteed income, people will want to work? Where are you from?"), he gestured emphatically with a massive cigar. The socialists, entirely lacking cigars with which to gesture, were at a clear disadvantage.

And I thought to myself, why can't the socialists and the cigar-wielders just get along and live in unity? Imagine a world where the socialists too have cigars with which to emphatically gesture. And then I thought to myself, oh yeah... Cuba.

When did the cigar become so asymmetrically emblematic of the right? Is the lack of socialist cigar parity symptomatic of the failure of the Cuban regime? Is a cigar ever really just a cigar? So many questions.

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  1. Marco7:26 AM

    Good point. I googled "socialist cigar" and this post comes up first. Of course! Then a book entitled "God, Capitalism and a Good Cigar: Cuba Enters the 21st centruy" came up next.