Monday, May 04, 2009

Awesome Auger

Our local non-cable kiddy TV channel, through some mysterious business inefficiency, airs commercials almost exclusively targeted to adults—the sort of square, practical, infomercial-esque commercials typically aimed at the frugal and/or elderly. Recently, Louise was home sick for several days, and she watched a lot of the aforementioned channel. So did June.

The other day, out of the blue, June asked me:
"Papa, are you tired of digging holes for your plants?"

"Um, no. Not reall..."

"You should try the Awesome Auger."*

"The what?"

"The Awesome Auger."


"It does the work for you. It digs holes, cuts through roots......"
Oh, Lord. Next she'll be touting the improved visibility and safety provided by UV protective wraparound sunglasses.

* Rendered in her hilarious kiddy-lisp.


  1. Dude, that page has some crazy aggressive pop-ups. I might have to get one of those awesome augers.

  2. Apparently this is more common than one would expect... see here (and there are more like it)

  3. Yes, Qubo, that's the culprit. June has also advocated for that very same cell phone clip.

  4. Guilty - I watch Jacob Two Two - like the time Jacob's brother was practicing his Leonard Cohen...