Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Blink] [Blink] Wow

Time for another edition of "Celebrities, Where Y'at!"

I saw Malcolm Gladwell at the coffice the other day. The realization process went something like this:
Wow, look at that guy. He's got really weird hair. His hair's kind of like Malcolm Gladwell's. Wait, is that Malcolm Gladwell? No, this guy's hair is too weird. Wait, what are those people saying to him? They're asking him if he's Malcolm Gladwell? And he's saying yes? [Blink] [Blink] Wow, his hair is even weirder in person. [Blink] And his shoes are kind of weird too.* [Blink] [Blink]**
You know you're serious New Yorker geek if you get vaguely twitter-a-fied about Malcolm Gladwell.

* They were shiny metallic nouveau high tops—less high-brow literary-ish, more "I have just leapt here from the future and will now show you how to play Future Ball!"

** Get it? Har!

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