Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Termites Attack

The termites are swarming tonight, a (less than charming) annual ritual in which the little beasts take flight, thicken the air, and descend Biblical plague-like on a given neighborhood; and we turn out all the lights (for real) and hope that, in the great wood-structure buffet of New Orleans, somebody else's house looks more appetizing than ours; and eventually they settle where they'll settle and burrow where they'll burrow and leave behind nothing but a trail of shimmery papery cast-off wings and expensive pest-control bills.

I made the mistake of trying to enjoy the night air on our balcony. One flew in my ear. Good thing I ain't made of wood.


  1. You could have had a "termite party" I know we have told you the story of when the termites swarmed one afternoon when we were in camp in Kenya. Your father and his baboon trapping buddies had had too much to drink so they decided to catch the termites and saute them. It was quite a spectacle!!

  2. I so hate termites! Yechhh!!!

  3. I'm trying to think how drunk I'd have to be to decide it was a good idea to fry up some termites and eat them. I'm pretty sure the answer is: Vomitously Drunk. And I'm pretty sure the only thing grosser than eating termites is subsequently puking them back up. So I think I'll maintain strict sobriety during the annual swarming.