Monday, June 15, 2009

Frenier, LA

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  1. Sharpola, Slimbolala. I do hope you have the location of this gem buttoned down mum's da'woid. Since lately finding myself in front of some of those cable teevee shows about "restoration" "hot roding" "find it in a garage and sell it in Vegas" type mechanic shows, a situation such as you have here takes on a whole new headlight.
    I saw a truck just like that one restored on one of those shows and sold in Vegas for (drum'roll) $45,000 dollars, and it wasn't really "rodd'ed-out" either, pretty straight up truck just like the one herah.
    Sooooo, maybe you tell Me where it is and I keep your secret safe, hmmmm? Really, safe... I con'tell you don'beeleeve me.
    Jus'sayin.... nice nice photograph.

    Thanks youz,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

    ps~ooh! Your "Word Verification" spam'busta thingy, for this comment today say: "ovene".
    Ovene... what's it all meme?