Monday, June 08, 2009

Funny Word Swap

New week, new game.* This week's amusement: "Funny Word Swap", in which we each, in turn, present the funniest word we can think of. No competition,** just:
  1. I offer up a funny word. We chuckle and snort.
  2. You offer up a funny word. We chuckle and snort.
  3. He/she/it offers up a funny word. We chuckle and snort.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
The funniest word I can think of at this particular moment in time is:
Okay, your turn. Whatchya got?

* Not that we're necessarily throwing in the towel on our Investigations into the Mysteries of the Ironic Mustache. But that topic has proven far more complex than we ever imagined and is clearly beyond the scope of a frivolous bloggy-game.

** Since, of course, the International Panel of Funny Word Judges was disbanded in 1993 (following Z.D. Sprachen's brilliant and devastating "Proof of the Non-Ordinality of Funny Words").


  1. craic-head8:16 AM

    I had another one in mind before I linked to the wiki kegel entry, but


    is pretty snort-worthy. Two very silly syllables all hidden in one very serious word. Snap!

  2. Francine1:14 PM

    the middle school favorite :: URANUS

    as in

    Due to the poisonous gases that exist, Man can not survive anywhere near URANUS.

  3. Marco2:24 PM


  4. pookie2:31 PM