Friday, June 05, 2009

"Gizzards • Livers • Turkey Wings": In some necks-of-the-woods hand-painted signs are an endangered—or entirely extinct—species, but around here they're alive and well. And what they may lack in crisp convenience (changing hours or prices involves a brush, a deft hand,* and a couple of cans of paint) they certainly make up for in personality. This particular sign advertises the amenities of our funky local BP where all our beloved neighborhood drunks go early in the morning to get their big beers, cheap eats, and cigarettes. I like how the painter has added his own loosey-goosey rendering of the official BP logo in the top left, an attempt at corporate conformity that seems woefully mismatched with the rest of the sign.

* Check out that link. It's super cool (at least if you're geekily into hand-painted signs).


  1. what magnificent culinary concoction is "chicken 'n' bag"?

  2. I'm assuming it means "Chicken -in- [a] Bag", though I'm intrigued by the possibility of it meaning "Chicken -and- [a] Bag". What possibly could that be? Chicken a and a bag: a bag of what? A bag of fries? A bag of offal? A small chicken-purse?