Saturday, June 27, 2009


Forgive the bloggy-lull. Extreme heat plus a low grade flu-bug (which has now thankfully passed) makes Slim a dull boy:

Meet Pearl, the newest addition—all 1 lb. 1 oz. of her*—to our boisterous multi-species househould:**

Pearl's ultimate origin is unknown, but her proximate origin is as follows: The other evening, there was a commotion down the block—a bunch of kids and their pet pit bull (on a leash but with no one holding the other end) were all whirling around some unseen (to me) cause of the commotion, shrieking and laughing. A small commotion-eddy broke off from the larger commotion-vortex—two boys racing up the sidewalk and then up our walkway. At the foot of our steps they stopped and thrust a small kitten at me. "Can you take this cat?"

I'm not in the habit of taking kittens from strangers. I answered with caution, "Where'd you get that cat?"

A (near-)breathless story tumbled out:
"Wefounditaroundthecornerunderthathouseand [gasp] wetookitcauseitwassosmallandtherewasn't [gasp] ..."
I missed some of the minor details, but the basic facts were clear:
  1. The kitten had no traceable ownership.
  2. A bunch of unsupervised kids and their pet pit bull did not make a particularly good foster family for the little creature.
I acquiesced, "Alright, give it to me. I'll figure it out."

And then, of course, well, she was really teeny-tiny and really cute. And then the girls saw her. And then, within the hour, I'd named her.*** And then, well, that pretty much sealed the deal...****

So Pearl is here to stay, keeping busy with a long list of kitten-ish activities:
  • Frolicking amidst our pillows while we try to sleep.
  • Growling her teeny-tiny growls when Penny tries to maternally nuzzle her. (Penny, dog though she may be, is a devoted feline-lover.)
  • Receding submissively when Delilah hisses at her. (Delilah, cat that she is, feels absolutely no love for any feline upstart that hones in on her well established kitty-territory. But she'll get over it.)
  • Squirming, wide-eyed, as June lugs her from room to room. (Pearl is precisely the right size to match June's Criteria-of-Totability, though she is somewhat wigglier than the typical objects of June's tote-fixation.)
  • Squirming, wide-eyed, as June rocks her like a baby, coo-ing at her.
  • Attacking books as the pages turn.
  • Attacking feet as the toes move.
  • Attacking just about anything and everything within her teeny kitty reach.
I think she'll fit in just fine.

* As of a few days back. She's been eating ravenously since then, so she may have put on a couple of additional ounces.

** Though our household may be diverse in species, it is trending towards extreme asymmetry in gender, I being the lone male, now outnumbered six-to-one by the fairer sex: one lady-human, two girl-children, one lady-dog, one lady-cat, one girl-kitten. But I will stand tall as a Bastion of Testosterone in these ever-encroaching Estrogen Seas.

*** We're partial to giving our animals old lady names. (We're also partial to giving our kids old lady names. And in fact, we briefly considered "Pearl" for our second-born but decided we couldn't quite pull it off. But it's perfect for a cat. (And weirdly, I was flipping through the channels last night and briefly settled on some random movie with Sylvester Stallone and that-red-headed-actress-whose-name-I-can't-remember-right-now, and prominently featured in the scene was a calico cat named Pearl.))

**** The rule is simple: Don't name any animal you intend to give away. (Just like back on the farm we had the rule: Don't name any animal you intend to eat.)


  1. Amanda12:09 AM

    Adorable! And weird...we just got a kitten this week! She is also calico, though more gray, and I think more short-haired. We named her Minna. And my sister, as you probably won't recall, is named Pearl. to all.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    That kitten won the lottery!

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Pearl is a perfect kitty name!!!

  4. Teresa5:48 PM

    Congratulations Pearl! You lucked your way into one great family. And Slimbolala, I agree that Pearl is just about the perfect cat name.

  5. I have to admit that I am glad you named your kitty Pearl and not your daughter!!

  6. Wow. Our daughter and your cat will probably share a name.

  7. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I'm so happy to meet Pearl. What a doll. Can't wait to meet the human one, Nola Nik!

  8. mothgirl9:52 PM

    That last comment was from mothgirl.