Thursday, July 09, 2009

Choose Your Own (Blogological/Photographical) Adventure

Here at Slimbolala, we're fond of experimental investigations in co-authorial blogging—which is to say, sometimes, when I run out of ideas, I invite you all to boss me around a bit* and tell me to Dance, bloggy-monkey, dance! and I obey, and I dance my little bloggy-monkey Charleston or my bloggy-monkey jitterbug, and you reward me with a few slices of ripe papaya.**

So here's today's co-authorial game:
  1. You tell me what to photograph.
  2. I do my best*** to take as good a photograph as I can of whatever it is.
  3. I post the results here on this blog-machine.
Now, because we're a laid back chillaxed**** up-with-people-down-with-tyranny sort of scene, I won't specify any explicit rules on what's fair game, but of course, some proposed subjects are viable, and some aren't.

Possibly (though, perhaps, improbably) viable:
Not viable:
  • the Milky Way, as seen from a remote galaxy
  • Nebraska, as seen from a remote galaxy
  • the future
  • my foot, as seen from either a remote galaxy or the future (or both, since, of course, by the time the light has reflected off of of my foot and reached the remote galaxy, it would already be way the future and my foot would be way the past—as in like turned-into-billions-of-scattered-atoms-which-have-long-since-been-engulfed-by-the angry-red-giant-which-used-to-be-our-friendly-yellow-sun the past)
Clear enough? Boss away!

* At which point, I get a little teensy bit nervous that instead of bossing me around you will just remain mysteriously silent, and the whole thing will sort of dangle there awkwardly, and we'll all have to pretend like we don't notice, and we'll have to make a point of not talking about how we're not talking about it, and the whole thing will end with a self-conscious whimper. But usually, in fact, you're more than happy to boss me around, and it goes rather well, and all is right with the universe.

** I don't know. What do they reward trained monkeys with?

*** "[D]o my best" meaning, in this case: I'll do it, barring any obstinate physical, temporal, ethical, or psycho-emotional obstacles. Oh, or sloth. Sloth might be a problem. (In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, "I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try.")

**** I use "chillax" a lot, ironically (the way some people grow a mustache) but frequently. June, not realizing that her father is an inveterate smart-ass, now says "chillax" too, innocently believing it to be a full fledged in-good-standing member of the English lexicon.


  1. My vote goes to the camel back shotgun double. I also like what I call you neighborhood faces series.

  2. Francine11:58 AM

    I would like to request a photo of ordered rubbish, or the art of arranging junk on the porch. Shouldn't be too hard to find as most of us are accustomed to dragging stuff home that we're not quite sure we should bring inside, but it sure looks cool and/or could be useful yet...

  3. craic-head3:25 PM

    Various people's hand gestures. And, no, I don't mean the "flippin' the bird" kind...although...

    (Chillax, huh? From my own personal experience, if someone tries to calm you out of a tantrum by saying "Chillax," it very much has the opposite effect. One feels that one's tantrum is being made fuel for fodder, when it is most definitely not. Use sparingly, Slimbo, and only when recipient of said slang is not in a bona fide dither.)

  4. wrench3:37 PM

    Purple house with lovely flowers out front.

  5. Neighborhood children doing their neighborhood things.

  6. Marco9:17 AM

    Colorful freaks (redundant?)
    Unusual dogs
    Street vendors

  7. mseferris10:40 AM

    Bikes and Fireworks (together or separate).

  8. How about a nice big pot hole?

  9. I would like a series of people chillaxing. But if you ever figure out how to photagraph the future I would love that.

  10. Marco7:45 PM

    Feet -footwear

  11. Mandy7:27 AM

    People and their dogs who look like them. Or just funny little dogs.

    But most importantly, photos of artfully prepared food!

  12. An ugly image of the beautiful; also, a beautiful image of the ugly.

  13. Teresa1:53 PM

    Am I too late? I missed New Orleans this weekend so much it was causing me physical pain. Can I have a picture people melting from the heat in Audubon Park? I don't have to know them, but that would be nice.

  14. How about a pic of June rocking Pearl?

  15. ok, I am a little freaked out because I posted a comment to the=is post requesting that you take photos of people and their dogs, each one resembling the other. I also said that I would match you with a picture or two...but my post did not seem to stick. and then I saw that Mandy- who I think is my SISTER Mandy posted the same request while mine does not appear....

  16. Wheels within wheels, wheels within wheels... And yes, it is your-sister-Mandy. And yes, I will do my darnedest to take pictures of all these many things, though there's a couple that might take some time. (Asteroids; also the beauty-ugly thing.)

  17. top shelf of your bookshelf ;)