Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I am Not Old Enogh"

Apparently, the bloggerly compulsion to document the little things of life is genetic. We recently had a baby shower for our dear Sara, and afterwards, unprompted, Louise wrote the following accounting:

Let me transcribe (with minor editorial corrections for spelling):
"Sara Roahen's baby shower was today. She is having a boy. I bet he will be really cute. I hope he is not annoying. Most kids are sometimes annoying and sometimes really cute. There was lots of presents and almost all of them were of course, for the baby. There was lots of food too. My favorite of the main course was bacon and black pepper biscuits. I ate four of them. For desert I liked the peanut butter brownies. They were peanut butter brownies with chocolate chunks inside. My mom put up my hair in a ponytail. She put the rest of my hair into butterfly clips. I was wearing a white dress with flowers all over it. In the kitchen my mom was wearing an apron over her party dress. It looked sort of funny like that. In the party my Mom takes off the apron. My Dad makes The Drinks. Everybody says they're delicious. How do I know? I don't. I am not old enough."


  1. Please tell Louise her "post" was great!!! I love it.

  2. Mandy1:21 PM

    She IS hilarious!

  3. Have you and Sarah revived the best of the Fifties? (The apron, the drinks!)

    What Louise is definitely old enough for is her own blog.

  4. Awesome! I wish I could have been there, for the drinks, Ms. Tood + apron, and Roahen + soon to be baby!

  5. Anonymous1:34 PM

    She can be the next Huffington Post lady!!

  6. mothgirl10:14 PM

    Hey! I've been Web-challenged for more than a month and so only just now saw this as I was catching up on my Slimbo reading. How sweet! And so observant. That was a fun, fun day. I also hope he's not annoying.