Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Gettin' Hot Out Herre, Revisited: Now With Illustrations!*

Cameron asked for an illustration of the walking-down-the-sidewalk-in-her-bra lady, and we here at Slimbo Productions Inc. are usually happy (if sometimes slow) to oblige. Behold!

And let me make clear, it was not a sports bra or any other kind of possibly-conceivably-might-have-been-intended-for-outerwear type of thing—just a plain old industrial strength brassiere. (I'd say she was a wack-a-doodle, except that, on our hottest days, stripping down to one's skivvies might just be the sanest thing a person can do.) Whoop, there it is!

* Well, an illustration. Singular. But isn't that worth like a thousand words or something?


  1. pookie12:22 PM

    Cool--maybe in more ways than one.!!

  2. I live in the land of the overdressed. Maybe that's good.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    a few years before katrina .

    it was the year of the last early heatwave and the year that the "hot in here" song came out.

    fox eight did a man on the street bit and the lady in you cartoon was one of the responders.

    a beautiful full figured lady who basicly stripped down to her bad ass full figured bra that back in the day you could only get at krausse's (sp?).

    her answer to the question was "it's getting hot in here so take all your clothes off".

    the best part was it was filmed in front of rubeinsteins.

  4. That's what people look like around these parts (Wisconsin) when it gets to be 81 degrees.