Monday, July 06, 2009

Jury Journal: Round 2

Decidedly uneventful. The counter started this morning at 5, not 12. (Why? I don't know.) Around 9:30, Court L called for 25 jurors, notching the counter down to 4. The rest of us just waited. Mid-morning, the counter mysteriously dropped to 3, then sat there. Finally, mid-day, the counter dropped straight to zero, and we were all sent on our merry way. (In addition to turning "slowly", the wheels of justice also seem to turn rather unpredictability.)

Miscellaneous Rumination #1: I like that in a largely randomized sample of New Orleanians—about a hundred-and-fifty-ish by my latest reckoning—I recognized several people (a good 5% or so): the natty older guy with the soul patch, the muscle-puffed trainer from the gym, that lady that I can't figure out where I know her from but I definitely know her, the young foodie manager from that place on Magazine St... Small town living.

Miscellaneous Rumination #2: I like that, when a couple of nearby jurors are engaged in a far-ranging morning-long conversation, it's impossible to tell whether they've known each other for years or have only just met (drawn together by a mutual fondness for shiny loafers, dark slacks, and loose-fitting bright-colored shirts, locally popular among gentleman of a certain age).

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