Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Name Game: Hat, Big Specs, and Trenchcoat Edition

Same game: What's her name? What's her deal?*

* She's modelled on someone we actually crossed paths with a long time ago, but I'll keep the non-fictional backstory to myself for the moment.


  1. pookie9:54 PM

    I have known this person but I can not think where or who she is. It will come to me!

  2. Mike Afflerbach9:01 AM

    Isn't that Ms. Guyot?

  3. A combo of my Aunt Mary and BJ!!

  4. Agnes Murgatroyd, nee Hasselbach.

    Was once flashed on the bus and is now in a state of permanent readiness.

    Also, cannot remember where she left her glasses.

    Has a dog named Madge with a nervous disorder.

    - Sarah and Wes