Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Name Game: Turtleneck Edition

Name? Deal? (You know the routine.) Am I getting a Euro-vibe? New York? Something about that turtleneck. And the scowl. Hmm...


  1. Turtleneck = Evil dude, posing as sensitive


    This turtleneck dude = evil dude, formerly actual evil turtle.

  2. pookie10:43 AM

    Quincy--sad and unhappy Nose job will help. Maybe he can see mj's surgeon!

  3. Marco8:28 AM

    Ralphie is a con-man who once auditioned for a TV sitcom and was shown the door. He likes bilking older people and disabled people out of money or anything of worth. He lives in Queens andis proud of his accent. He also was involved with the longshoremen for a while, but they told him he was just a small time punk and didn't belong with the wise guys. He has a slight limp from a having polio as a child.